building a youth ATV for racing

building a youth ATV for racing

3 Ways To Rev Up Your Bank Account Using Your Motorcycle

by Albartus Wienk

Motorcycles cost a lot of money, but take heart. Your bike doesn't have to be a cash guzzler. There are several ways you can use your bike to help it pay for itself. Let these suggestions get your motor running. 

Bike for Rent

Look around and you will find a number of people who want access to a motorcycle for just a day or two. These aren't typically long term rentals but rather folks who are simply trying to make a statement for one night or a big event. Your bike could bring in the big bucks if you are willing to share, especially if it is a particularly good looking or unusual motorcycle. Keep your eyes and ears open for people like this. 

  • You might interest a bridal couple wanting to make a dramatic getaway on a motorcycle. Nothing says forever like a veil flying behind a bike as a couple zooms away from the church. Advertise on wedding websites. 
  • Grab business from a young person who wants to really make an impact on a special date. Maybe he wants to pop the question or she wants to impress on a first date. Try an online advertisement site to find these people. 
  • Help a prom couple steal the spotlight by arriving to the big dance on a motorcycle. Place an ad in a high school publication. 

Biker for Rent

You don't have to let someone else on your bike in order to make a few dollars. You can also throw yourself in as part of the bargain. Offer your motorcycle complete with an operator to someone like this. 

  • Ask local parade planners if they need motorcycles in their celebrations. Bikes are often a big hit with small children and can be decorated to please. You can command a bigger paycheck if you have an unusual bike. 
  • Hire yourself out for children's birthday parties, offering to take the birthday child for a short spin. Place an ad in local family magazines. 
  • Get a group of friends together and offer to ride by funeral processions or other events honoring a fellow biker. This is something you might want to consider offering for free. 

Deliver the Goods

A motorcycle offers a unique advantage in getting places quickly because it can go places cars cannot, and sometimes a bike can more easily negotiate heavy traffic. Check out local courier services or ask local offices if they are looking for someone to deliver products or take paperwork from place to place. Many professionals like attorneys, insurance agents and other local service providers use a courier when they need documents signed and returned quickly. 

These three ideas will get you on the road to making some extra cash with your motorcycle. To learn more, contact a motorcycle company like Carl's Cycle Sales. 


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building a youth ATV for racing

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