building a youth ATV for racing

building a youth ATV for racing

How To Plan A Great Motorcycle Adventure In The Hill Country Of Texas

by Albartus Wienk

If you've never traveled in the hill country of Texas, you're in for a wonderful adventure. Besides seeing some pretty amazing sights, there is a lot to do. From knowing where to go to knowing where to get your motorcycle repaired, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable trip.

Get Out The Map - Whether you're traveling solo or whether you're part of a group, it's a great idea to look at a map of the Texas hill country. Part of the fun will be taking country roads where your GPS won't take you, but it's still good to have a very good idea of the towns you'll want to have as your destination. Looking at the map will help you have a general plan of which towns can be visited on the same day. 

A Good Place To Start - If you're going from south to north, start in San Antonio. If you're going from north to south, start in Austin. While in San Antonio, you'll want to see the downtown area where you can leave your motorcycles in a safe parking lot. From there you can walk to famous places like The Alamo, the Mexican Market, the River Walk and La Villita. While in the downtown area, also look at the historic hotels and art galleries. If you start in Austin, park your motorcycles downtown and make time to see the majestic Texas Capital and the Governor's Mansion. 

What To See In Little Towns - Combine Boerne and Fredericksburg together, as you can get a good taste for either town on the same day. In Boerne, look at the beautiful little shops and see the town square. In Fredericksburg you'll have one main street that will cover pretty much anything you want to see. In addition, take in the Nimitz Museum. In New Braunfels you'll get a wonderful feel for the German influence in the hill country, especially if you eat at a German restaurant. Experience the fun of motorcycling up to Wimberley where you can see the work of gifted artists. 

Know Where You Can Get Motorcycle Repair - What if your motorcycle has mechanical problems? Be sure to have a back-up plan, just in case you or somebody in your group needs motorcycle repairs. You might have the right tools and you might know just what to do yourself. However, if doing your own motorcycle repairs is not one of your talents, you'll be glad to know that, whether you have a Honda or any other kind of motorcycle, there will be plenty of repair shops along the way. And, if your repairs are so serious that you can't move your motorcycle, the repair shop  will make arrangements for your motorcycle to be picked up and towed to the repair shop. Servicemen who are trained and who have experience in motorcycle repair will also have state-of-the-art tools to get you back on the road fast.

Don't forget to take plenty of pictures along the way so that you can turn your adventure into an actual book. Get in touch with a company like Chandler Motorcycle Repair before you leave to ensure your bike is ready for the trip.


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building a youth ATV for racing

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