building a youth ATV for racing

building a youth ATV for racing

Four Reasons To Own And Wear Motocross Boots By Alpinestars

by Albartus Wienk

Many people who participate in motocross as a hobby generally tend to wear whatever heeled shoe they can get away with wearing. However, more serious motocross riders suit up with boots, like motocross boots by Alpinestars. Motocross boots are more than just footwear. Here are four reasons why you should own and wear these boots, especially if you participate in motocross biking at least once a week.

The Boots Protect More Than Just Your Feet

Motocross biking is an extreme sport. In essence, you are trying to cross-country ride dirt roads while performing the occasional stunt trick. You need something that will not only protect your feet but protect your ankles and lower legs too. In the event that you skid out on the dirt path, these boots brace your lower legs, ankles and feet for impact while also protecting them against scrapes and sharp debris. For more serious accidents, the boots act as temporary leg braces or leg immobilization aids until you can get to a hospital.

The Boots Have Specially-Designed Treads to Grip Your Bike's Pedals Better

If you have never worn a pair of motocross boots, you may be surprised the first time you strap a pair on and begin riding. Most of these boots have deeper treads on the bottoms so that you can get a really good grip on the pedals of your motocross bike. If you are used to wearing tennis shoes or other footwear while riding, you probably noticed that your feet frequently slip off the pedals and it is difficult to keep your feet where you need them. These boots eliminate most, if not all, of that slipping.

You Can Use Them for Other Extreme Sports Too

Motocross boots can be worn for several other extreme sports too, so you can really get your money's worth when you buy a pair of these. ATV riding, motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, and even horseback riding go together with these boots. Some are even designed with high-tech insulation so that you can wear these boots for snowboarding, snowshoeing and skiing as well. 

They Keep You Safe at Night

Most motocross boots have highly reflective surfaces, which when in the arena gives competitors a lot of flashiness during tricks. However, in a more sensible application of their reflective properties, the boots help others spot you on the trail at night, and then they can avoid hitting you. This is a nice feature regardless of which extreme sport you choose to do in low light.

Check out a company like Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply to purchase your first pair of motocross boots.


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