building a youth ATV for racing

building a youth ATV for racing

2 Tips For Assessing The Condition Of A Used Motorcycle's Engine Before Buying From A Private Seller

by Albartus Wienk

After years of wanting to own a motorcycle, you may have decided to check out a few used models instead of trying to purchase a new one. If you have found one that interests you through a private seller, use the following tips to assess the condition of the engine before you buy the motorcycle to make sure it is running correctly.

1.  Test How Easy It Is to Start

The first thing you should do when checking out the engine before buying it is to start it up. The ease at which the motorcycle starts can tell you a lot about the condition of the engine.

If the motorcycle has been sitting for a while without being started, or if the temperature outside is cold, it may take a few cranks to get the motor running. However, even in these conditions, you should never have to wait for more than a few turns to hear the engine start humming.

Even if the engine does turn over and start after only a couple of cranks, listen carefully to the sounds it makes when it does start. You should never hear loud thuds or rattles, as these could be a sign that there is a serious issue with the engine. If you do hear these noises, you may want to pass up the motorcycle, as you may have problems shortly after you start riding.

2.  Pay Close Attention to the Exhaust

After you have started the motor and allow it to run for about a minute, turn your attention to the exhaust coming out of the muffler. The color of the exhaust can give you a clear picture of what is going on inside of the engine.

While it is normal to see a very light puff of white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe when the motorcycle first starts, you should never see white smoke continuing to pour it. This white smoke is often a sign of a coolant leak, which could indicate a crack in the motor's block.

Another color that should alarm you is dark gray or black smoke. If you see this color coming from the exhaust, the engine is leaking or burning oil, indicating a serious problem with the motor.

Even if it seems as though the motorcycle's engine is working properly, you have no guarantees it will continue to run right once you buy and start riding it. Instead of trying to buy from a private seller, consider visiting a motorsports company that offers pre-owned motorcycles to see what they have to offer.


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